2013-2014 Catalog


SWK - Social Work

SWK-170 Introduction to Social Work

An introduction to the field of social work and social welfare, including concepts fundamental to the understanding of the social work profession and the efforts of social work on behalf of oppressed populations. The entry course into the Social Work major. Volunteer work in a community social service agency required.


SWK-335 Social Welfare Organization

A historical and philosophical examination of public and voluntary American social services. Value orientations, cultural traditions, and political and economic forces which have influenced the development of social welfare services and policies are emphasized. Prerequisite: SWK-170.


SWK-336 Social Policy

An examination and analysis of social policy development, implementation, and evaluation of the United States. Specific attention is given to how policy effects oppressed populations. Skill development in systematic policy analysis is emphasized. Prerequisite: SWK-335.


SWK-342 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

An examination of how human behavior is shaped/influenced by one's environment. Emphasis is placed on how oppression, social injustice, and gender effect development across the life span. Both normal processes and obstacles that prohibit optimal development are examined. Specific emphasis is placed on understanding human development in the context of social work practice across the life span.


SWK-343 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II

An examination of how human behavior is shaped/influenced by macro systems. Such systems include family, groups, organizations, and community. Significant emphasis is placed on human development and how it is influenced by oppression and social injustice. A three-four day field trip to an urban environment is required.


SWK-354 Statistics for Social Sciences

This is an upper-division course for the Social Sciences. Topics include measures of central tendency and dispersion and graphical representation of data. Other topics include inferential statistical theory and hypothesis testing for statistical significance. Bivariate and multivariate measures of statistical relationship include chi square, nominal and ordinal measures of association, correlation and regression, analysis of variance, and multiple correlation and regression techniques. Factor analysis and analysis of covariance are briefly introduced. Primarily for students concentrating on psychology, sociology, social work, criminal justice, or political science. Prerequisite: Math SATI 450 (SAT 410) or ACT 10 or successful completion of the Math Competency requirement. Also listed as PSY-354.


SWK-355 Social Work Practice I

An introduction to the generalist model of social work practice. Emphasis is placed on the importance of a theoretical framework for practice. Basic skills of the generalist model of practice are introduced and applied specifically to work with individuals.


SWK-356 Social Work Practice II

Building on the foundation established in SWK-355, this course utilizes the generalist model of social work practice with groups and families. Attention is given to assessment and development of appropriate interventions within a systems framework of social work practice. Prerequisite: SWK-355.


SWK-357 Social Work Practice III

A social work methods course designed to further the student's problem-solving abilities. Special attention is given to assessment, planning, and evaluation of macro systems. Organizations and communities are the central focus of the course and are examined from the generalist model of social work practice. Prerequisites: SWK-355 and SWK-356.


SWK-366 Social Work Field Placement I

Taken concurrently with SWK-355, this course requires placement of 12 hours per week in a social service agency arranged by the Department of Social Work. Emphasis is given on the practical application of course content. Students are given opportunities to integrate classroom content with agency experiences. Prerequisites: SWK-170, SWK-335, and SWK-342 .


SWK-370 Social Work Field Placement Seminar I

Taken concurrently with SWK-355 and SWK-366, this course is designed to integrate course content of SWK-355 with the field placement experience. Emphasis is given to the development of skills related to assessment, planning intervention, evaluation, and termination in the context of a generalist model of social work practice.


SWK-399H Honors Thesis/Project

Work with a faculty mentor and in cooperation with an Honors College advisor, producing a research thesis or creative project.


SWK-466 Social Work Field Placement II

Through observation and participation in social service programs in various community agencies, under the educational direction of agency professionals and university faculty, students advance their knowledge of the social work profession and refine their practice skills. Prerequisites: SWK-357 and completion of the field practice application process. Taken concurrently with SWK-470.


SWK-470 Social Work Field Placement Seminar II

The seminar is designed to integrate the concepts, knowledge skills, and values that are learned from areas of Social Work Practice, Social Policy, Human Behavior/Social Environment, and Social Research. Provides opportunities for students to share learning experiences from agency placement. Taken concurrently with SWK-466.


SWK-472 Social Work Seminar

A series of rotating seminars focusing on social work practice relative to special populations, settings, interventive approaches, and specific problems such as social work with the substance abuser, social work with children, issues in child welfare, or social work with the aging.


SWK-475 Independent Learning in Social Work

Prerequisites: Social Work major and permission of instructor.

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