2013-2014 Catalog


SCI - Science

SCI-201 Integrated Earth/Life Science (with Lab)

This course will provide the Elementary Education major with an integrated approach to the critical thinking skills and content of both biology and earth science. While this course is designed to be a survey of the interactions between the earth and the life forms that inhabit it, special emphasis will be given to Christian stewardship, ethics, and the underlying principles necessary to conduct activities within the life and earth sciences. Lab included. Open only to Elementary Education majors.


SCI-380 Impacts of Science on Faith and Society

This course will provide an overview of the history and philosophy of science and how our concepts of the physical universe affect our worldview. Emphasis will be on how understanding of science has impacted religion, philosophy, and western culture, as well as how religious convictions and philosophy have affected science. Several key developments of modern science will be discussed, including quantum mechanics, relativity theory, evolution, and genetic engineering. Several different worldviews will be discussed and students will be formulating their own worldview. Prerequisite: A lab science or permission of the Science Division and a basic understanding of philosophy and religion.


SCI-391 Directed Studies in Science

This course prepares students to perform basic research in which they learn to use Off Campus Library Services (OCLS), electronic periodical indexes, and information resources. Students will identify and select appropriate material for inclusion in a college level research project which will be submitted at the conclusion of the course. (1 or 2 credit hours)

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