2013-2014 Catalog



REC-405 Clinical Aspects of Therapeutic Recreation

This class will provide an overview of the impairments most commonly worked with in therapeutic recreation. Students will be presented with knowledge of impairments; functional, leisure education and participation programs most effective for each population; and specific communication and leadership skills to employ. The class will also focus on the management issues related to therapeutic recreation in clinical settings.


REC-410 Recreation Internship

On-site experiences with an agency which delivers leisure services. This may include public recreation park agencies, voluntary agencies (youth serving agencies), U.S.O., American Red Cross, armed forces (civilian position with military services), correctional institutions, industries, recreation for the ill and handicapped (including hospitals), and college unions.


REC-450 Recreation Administration

Development of approaches to deal with staffing, planning, organization, coordination, evaluation, and directing programs and personnel in the public sector of recreation.


REC-460 Facilities: Design, Planning, Maintenance, and Scheduling

An in-depth exploration into planning, design, construction, equipping, and managing a variety of recreation and/or sport facilities. Facility scheduling/programming will also be addressed.


REC-472 Therapeutic Process, Protocols & Facilitation Techniques in Leisure Education for Disabled

This class will introduce the student to the therapeutic recreation process for individual clients as well as the process of developing program protocols for various therapeutic recreation facilitation techniques. Students will use case studies to learn assessment, treatment planning, documentation and evaluation methods. Students will also develop program protocols for various facilitation activities. Students will also be required to observe, participate in and critique programs for the disabled. Emphasis throughout the class will be on leisure education and functional therapeutic recreation programs.


REC-475 Independent Learning in Recreation Management

Individual readings, research, and/or field study of a recreation issue, problem, service system, or activity pattern. Can include individual growth of the student in a particular area.

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REC-480 TRS Internship

An internship experience dealing with special population and their leisure pursuits. This placement must be under the direction of a Certified Recreation Therapist.

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