2013-2014 Catalog


PTH - Practical Theology

PTH-505 Biblical Exposition

Students will learn how to create an expository message, following the process from exegesis to the communication of the message or Bible study. The student will analyze the biblical text and extract the main ideas and put them in the form of homiletical outline for application to a particular audience.


PTH-510 Crisis Counseling

This course analyzes the concept of crisis from a psychological and biblical point of view. Students will design practical strategies for individuals facing various life crises.


PTH-605 Creative Bible Teaching Method

The course explores the spiritual and psychological dynamics of effective Bible teaching to children, adolescents, and adults. Creative teaching methods are examined so that students may communicate biblical truths with conviction, precision, and practical relevance.


PTH-610 The Evangelistic Mandate for the Church

This course will explain the Trinity's role in the mission and the evangelistic mandate of the church. Students will assess their local community needs and formulate an evangelistic plan suited to those community needs. They will also grow in their desire to fulfill the mandate of the church and in their dedication to help others fulfill it.

Indiana Weselayan