2013-2014 Catalog


NRE - Nursing Education

NRE-660 Health Assessment for the Nurse Educator

Designed to provide the nurse educator with the knowledge and skills to teach and evaluate health assessment skills of the undergraduate nursing student.


NRE-661 Leadership in Nursing Education

Presents leadership and management concepts essential for nurse educators across a variety of settings. The course emphasizes ethical decision-making in the stewardship of resources and the process of implementing change through an understanding of economics, organizational behavior, and healthcare policy. The professional role of the nurse educator is addressed, including the ability to collaborate effectively as a change agent.


NRE-663 Course Design and Development

Prepares the nurse educator to develop and revise courses within the context of a curriculum to facilitate student learning and enhance program effectiveness. Emphasizes the roles of internal and external stakeholders in the process.


NRE-665 Innovative Teaching Strategies

Assists the graduate nurse educator to design appropriate teaching techniques for diverse learners and learning settings. Incorporates the use of cutting edge technology and social media to augment student learning.


NRE-667 Program Evaluation and Assessment

Emphasizes the process of analysis and modification of educational programs to promote compliance with relevant standards, criteria for evaluation, and accountability.


NRE-669 The Art of Teaching

Provides the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge and skills in supervised diverse educational settings. Includes 140 practica hours.

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