2013-2014 Catalog



MNG-324 Small Business Management

This course provides an introduction to the world of small business and to the fundamentals of effective small-business management. Fundamentals of such diverse activities as organizing and controlling, pricing, advertising, financial analysis, record keeping, budgeting, purchasing, controlling inventory, franchising, and acquiring capital are covered. An aim of the course is to integrate the functional disciplines such as management, marketing, finance, accountancy, and management information systems. Prerequisites: Either MNG-210 or LDR-200. Admission to the Business Division.


MNG-328 Human Resource Management

A study of the various functions considered vital to the efficient use of the firm's most valuable asset, its human resources. Covers the areas of staffing, employee development and training, creation of a favorable work environment, and the operation of management-labor relations. Prerequisites: MNG-210 or LDR-200. Admission to the Business Division.


MNG-334 Production and Operations Management

An introduction to the field of production and operations management. The course represents a blend of concepts from industrial engineering, cost accounting, general management, quantitative methods, and statistics. Production and operations activities, such as forecasting, choosing a location for an office or plant, allocating resources, designing products and services, scheduling activities, and assuring quality are core subjects covered in the course. Prerequisites: BUS-320 and MNG-210 and Admission to the Business Division.


MNG-378 Comparative Management Styles

A study of how management philosophies pervade organizations. Attention is focused on what organizations stand for and how organizations express values to their constituencies. Course participants will observe progressive management practices in action at various organizations. Prerequisites: LDR-200; or ACC-201, ACC-202, BUS-100, ECO-211, ECO-212, and the appropriate major area gateway course(s).


MNG-385 Management Practicum

An opportunity for advanced students to obtain valuable work experience and gain expertise in relating classroom material to actual business endeavor. A professional-quality paper analyzing one or more business applications will be prepared under departmental faculty supervision. Prerequisites: MNG-210 and Admission to the Business Division.

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MNG-399 Service Learning

Service-Learning is an educational experience in which students participate in organized service activities that meet identified community and/or university needs. Prerequisite: Admission to the Business Division.

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