2013-2014 Catalog


HMSR - Human Services

HMSR-220 Interview Skills in Human Services

This course provides interpersonal skill development with an emphasis on ethical behavior for students who are planning to work in social service organizations.


HMSR-340 Advocacy in Human Services

Understanding the biblical principles of caring for others, this class will focus on the evaluation and advocacy of services to meet the needs at the individual, family, and community levels. Prerequisites: HMSR-220 or equivalent, PSY-250, and CRJ-268


HMSR-350 Systems of Social Change

This course will focus on the systems and the protocol that create social change for those who are un/under-served in society. Prerequisite: SOC-210


HMSR-420 Program Planning and Evaluation in Human Services

This class will focus on skills necessary for matching the needs of a community with available resources as well as the effectiveness of services rendered. Prerequisite: MAT-112


HMSR-430 Administration in Human Services

This class will focus on the leadership and management of human and fiduciary resources utilized in social service organizations. Prerequisite: HMSR-420


HMSR-490 Capstone in Human Services

This course serves as the culminating experience of students enrolled in the Human Services program. It emphasizes skills utilized to assess and implement programs in social services organizations. Prerequisites: HMSR-340, HMSR-350, HMSR-420, HMSR-430

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