2013-2014 Catalog


GRE - Greek

GRE-101 Greek As Exegetical Tool

The course teaches how to exegete Bible passages with the use of the Greek language tools. Discusses basics of the Greek language, the steps of exegesis, and the use of computer programs as aids. Student with credit in GRE-201 cannot receive credit for GRE-101.


GRE-201 Beginning Greek I

This course presents an overview of the categories of Koine Greek syntax with an emphasis on translation. With the help of Greek tools, students will acquire the basic translation skills needed to read the Greek New Testament.


GRE-202 Beginning Greek II

A continuation of GRE-201, this course assumes knowledge of basic Greek syntax and completes the student's knowledge of Greek forms and basic vocabulary, diminishing the need for auxiliary aids in translation. Prerequisite: GRE-201.


GRE-422 Greek Bible

A study of selected New Testament passages in the original Greek. This course expands vocabulary and builds depth in one's understanding of Greek morphology, syntax, and semantics. Prerequisite: Beginning Greek competence or permission of department. Can be repeated.


GRE-475 Independent Learning-Greek

Individually arranged reading, research, and issues relating to the Greek language. Prerequisite: GRE-201, GRE-202 or its equivalent.

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GRE-505 Greek As an Exegetical Tool

This course teaches the fundamentals of biblical Greek, the use of linguistic tools, and the steps to produce an exegesis of a New Testament passage.


GRE-521 Intermediate Greek I

The study of intermediate Greek grammar through the reading and exegesis of selected New Testament passages. Prerequisites: GRE-201 and GRE-202. (Biblical)


GRE-522 Intermediate Greek II

Intermediate Greek - second semester. See GRE-521. (Biblical) Prerequisite: GRE-521.

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