2013-2014 Catalog


EDOL - Education - Online Learning

EDOL-510 Introduction to Online Learning

This course presents an overview of the online learning environment from the instructor's point of view. It is a description of the terminology, tools, and skills needed to create a successful online learning experience. Areas addressed in this course include basic online learning concepts, the roles of the teacher and student in online learning, and the components of the online learning environment. Also covered in the course are teaching methodologies, types of blended learning, and guidelines for making the transition from the traditional classroom to the online classroom.


EDOL-520 Instructor Technology Preparation

This course addresses the role of technology in online learning and teaching, and familiarizes the online instructor with various technologies that enable students to gather information, problem-solve, and use critical thinking skills online. Technology topics covered include hardware, software, peripheral devices, integrating the Internet and social networking, content management systems, and troubleshooting.


EDOL-530 Instructional Design for Online Learning

This course provides an examination of how instructional design principles and tools facilitate the transfer of knowledge in an online environment. In this course, emphasis is placed on evaluating models, methodologies, learning styles, learning communities, and diversity in student learning.


EDOL-540 Promoting Student Success in the Online Learning Environment

This course covers the basic tools needed for student success in an online learning environment. Topics include communication, collaboration, and software skills required to succeed in online learning. Also covered are instructor and student responsibilities and expectations, as well as potential roadblocks to success. Tools and techniques for organizing, prioritizing, and completing course tasks are discussed. Finally, instructional methods for guiding students and evaluating student progress in online courses are also addressed.


EDOL-550 Assessing Knowledge and Skills in the Online Learning Environment

This course examines approaches that assess student knowledge and skills in the online learning environment. Directed instruction, or objectivism, is compared and contrasted with constructivist or inquiry-based learning and assessment theories. Traditional assessment strategies are discussed as applied in directed instructional models of online learning. Nontraditional assessment approaches are explored in constructivist models, such as group products, web pages, multimedia projects, student portfolios, and student projects graded by self-report assessment instruments and rubrics. This course will focus on the use of discussions, pre- and post-testing, writing activities, graded assessments, self-grading assessments, and hands-on projects on student learning and assessment.


EDOL-560 Online Course Design

This course covers the entire development cycle for an online course. Students will prepare course design documents, lesson presentations including media assets, and graded assessments. In addition, students will prepare supporting materials for instructors and course production. Students will assemble a course portfolio that includes final versions of each course component created throughout the course. Finally, students will review and analyze the portfolios of fellow students.

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