2013-2014 Catalog


EDEL - Education - Engl Lang Learners

EDEL-510 Language Acquisition in Classroom Instruction

In this course, candidates explain their understanding of language as a system, including phonology, morphology, syntax, pragmatics, and semantics, as well as discourse structures, and apply this knowledge to support English Language Learners (ELL's) in their oral and written language use. Candidates understand and apply theories and research in language acquisition and development to support their ELLs' English language and literacy learning and content-area achievement. By using their knowledge of how people learn language, participants will design instruction that best suits the needs of English language learners, ultimately creating an intervention plan for a specific group of ELL students.


EDEL-520 The Impact of Culture in the Classroom for the CLD-ELL Teacher

This course is designed to engage participants in gaining an understanding of cultural values and beliefs in the context of teaching and learning. Candidates will understand and apply their knowledge about the effects of racism, stereotyping, bias, and discrimination as they develop instruction and classroom climate that purposefully addresses these issues. Candidates plan lessons that reflect culturally responsive teaching techniques demonstrating the interrelationship between cross-cultural issues as they relate to home events and the transition among the culture and language at home, the culture and language at school, and the impact on CLD\ELL's in the P-12 classroom environment. Candidates explore the range of resources and support available to cultural groups in order to include different cultural perspectives in their curriculum and instruction.


EDEL-530 Instructional Strategies for the CLD-ELL Student

Candidates will know, understand, and use evidence-based practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing standards-based ESL and content instruction. Candidates will be become knowledgeable about program models and skilled in teaching strategies for developing and integrating language skills. They will integrate technology, as well as choose and adapt classroom resources, appropriate for their CLD/ELL students.


EDEL-540 Classroom Assessments for the CLD-ELL Student

In this course candidates will demonstrate an understanding of various assessment issues as they affect CLD\ELL's, such as accountability, bias, special education testing, language proficiency, and accommodations in formal and informal testing situations. Candidates will explore a variety of standards-based language proficiency instruments that are used in the assessment. They will also understand how assessments are used for identification, placement, and reclassification of ELL's. Candidates will understand and know how to use a variety of performance-based assessment tools, strategies, techniques, technology, and other classroom resources to inform instruction of CLD\ELL students. The role of collaboration in assessment design and administration to inform teaching instruction will also be examined.


EDEL-550 Developing Vital Partnerships and Advocacy in a CLD-ELL Program

This course focuses on the professional growth of the CLD\ELL teacher. Candidates understand the importance of keeping current with new instructional techniques, research results, advances in the ESL field, and education policy issues and demonstrate knowledge of the history of ESL teaching. Candidates will demonstrate how they will use this information to reflect on and improve their instruction and assessment practices. As a professional advocate for CLD\ELL's, candidates will understand the importance of working collaboratively with school staff and community to improve the learning environment, provide support, and advocate for ELL's and their families.

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