2013-2014 Catalog


ECON - Economics

ECON-510 Economic Analysis for Managers

This course is a survey of microeconomic and macroeconomic theories applied in the context of organizational management. Students will learn foundational concepts and acquire essential tools for making informed business decisions based on a broad range of economic factors. They will examine the implications of monetary, fiscal, and/or international economic policy on organizations and perform quantitative analyses fundamental to managerial economics.


ECON-511 Business Economics

Students in this course will describe how both micro and macro-economic conditions affect business decision-making and apply the concepts of comparative advantage, opportunity costs, and scarcity of resources for decision-making. Students will assess the market economy's pricing system and the theory of supply and demand, identify the major costs of a business, and apply various models of market structure to the analysis of market conditions. Students will integrate the effects of globalization and international trade on the U.S. and global economies from a Christian worldview.


ECON-512 Managerial Economics

Students in this course will synthesize economic theory as used by management to optimize performance within the market economy and apply various methods, including regression analysis, to forecasting applications and business analysis. Students will evaluate the theory and estimation of demand, production, and cost functions, assess the pricing and output decisions faced by firms in different market structures, and evaluate the opportunities and risks globalization presents for firms. Students will integrate biblical wisdom into the economic decision-making process. Prerequisite: ECON-511

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