2013-2014 Catalog


EAR - Earth Science

EAR-130 Earth Science

An introduction to the physical environment of planet earth. Selected topics from astronomy, geography, geology, and meteorology. Not open to the student who has credit in GEO-201 (Physical Geography).


EAR-131 Earth Science Lab

Selected laboratory experiences in the earth sciences. One laboratory period. Prior or current enrollment in EAR-130 is required.


EAR-132 Earth Science (with Lab)

This is a laboratory course designed to give students an understanding of the earth, its processes, history and place in the universe. Major emphasis is on geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. Human influence on the environment, locally and globally, is explored. Students will gain understanding of the basic systems, their changes, and direct and indirect relation to themselves. Opportunities to develop concept thinking and research techniques will be presented. Considered an elective in the Science Minor for Education Majors.


EAR-160 Rocks and Minerals

The occurrences, classification, and physical properties of rocks and minerals. Field tests and identification of hand specimens.


EAR-475 Independent Learning- Earth Science

Individually arranged study and/or research in the earth sciences. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

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