2013-2014 Catalog


CIT - Computer Informatn Technology

CIT-112 Computer Information Technology

This course provides students with an overview of Computer Information Systems, its history, current computer technology, and future trends. There will be a lot of discussion on a variety of interesting topics. It also concentrates on the basic structure of microcomputer, its hardware, and software.


CIT-120 Introduction to Programming Concepts

This course teaches basic concepts of computer programming languages, including both structured and object oriented programming languages. Several typical programming languages will be introduced. Examples will be used to show students how to apply the computer programming techniques to solve typical business application problems.


CIT-140 Operating Systems Concepts

This course introduces the history of operating systems and several typical operating systems. It teaches basic concepts and important components of microcomputer operating systems. Specific attention will be given to the usage of the Microsoft Windows operating systems.


CIT-220 Desktop Applications

This course is designed to give students a firm foundation in current desktop application software. Specific attention will be directed at software utilizing word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database functionality. This course will give students a firm underpinning with which to pursue applicable certifications.


CIT-260 Database Concepts

This course introduces the basic terminology and concepts of databases, including data modeling, database models, and database design principles. Attention will also be given to the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMS) and the Structured Query Language (SQL). A popular desktop database application will be used as a tool in database design, use, maintenance, and management.


CIT-262 Network Communications

This course will provide a basic understanding of data communication and network technologies. It will also help students to further gain practical experience on network problem identification, troubleshooting, and general support of networks.


CIT-270 Basic Web Design and Development

This course provides a foundational understanding of web design and development. Topics include planning a website, tools available, typography, images, multimedia and maintenance. Emphasis will be placed on understanding current and future trends of web design and development through meaningful discussion and research.


CIT-272 Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

This course covers hardware and software installation, configuration, and trouble shooting. Hardware repair and diagnosis will be addressed, and software patch/fix will also be discussed.


CIT-280 Project Management and Integration - Capstone

This course introduces the basic concept of project management and integration. By using typical business examples students will study the principles of service calls and customer relations skills. It will also introduce the software development life cycle and its related phases. Project management and planning software will be addressed and project documentation will be introduced. A summary project will allow students the opportunity to demonstrate design, implementation, and project management skills.

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