2013-2014 Catalog


BIB - Bible Lit-Taylor Co-op ACSI

BIB-501 Introduction to the Old Testament

This course is designed to provide learners a foundation in the scripture of the Old Testament and introduces the history, literature, and thought of the Old Testament as reflected in its major divisions and individual books. It is designed and recommended for those who have not had a systematic survey of the Old Testament. The activities are designed to provide a more practical experience for learners to apply the scripture to current life situations.


BIB-502 Introduction to the New Testament

A foundational course to provide a broad survey of the New Testament with an emphasis on the biblical theological themes and literary genre of each book. Overall themes, divisions, and spiritual lessons will be examined in relation to their historical and/or social context of each major section of the New Testament. Students will explore practical venues for engaging the New Testament with contemporary global concerns, ethical frameworks, vocation, and personal spirituality.

Indiana Weselayan