2013-2014 Catalog


Latin American and Iberian Studies Minor

The Divisions of Social Sciences and Modern Language and Literature, along with the School of Theology and Ministry, have cooperated to create an interdisciplinary minor in Latin American and Iberian Studies. This minor is designed to complement the student's primary major and can be tailored to deepen his or her specific cultural knowledge and language skills as preparation for graduate study or for a career in an increasingly diverse workplace. Students have the opportunity to integrate traditional coursework with internships and/or study abroad experiences to apply and appreciate the relevance of course material to their career and the world around them. The flexibility of electives makes this minor useful to students from all majors.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Latin American and Iberian Studies consists of a total of 24 hours. Eighteen hours are core courses from the three sponsoring areas: a one-year survey of Latin America (HST-230, HST-231), an introduction to intercultural studies (INT-220), one year of Spanish to fulfill or add to intermediate-level fluency, and a social science elective from courses having the prefix ECO, HST, INR or POL.

In addition to the 18-hour core, students must complete six hours of electives from the specified courses listed below or new offerings approved by the program director, one of which must be upper level (numbered 300 or above).

Mandatory International/Cross-cultural Experience: Each student, in consultation with his or her advisor, is required to complete an international/cross-cultural experience that provides significant opportunity for interaction in Spanish and offers an academic focus appropriate to the student's goals. Requires approval by both the student's primary academic advisor and the chair of the hosting division or his or her designate.

Requirements (24 credits)

Required Courses (18 credits)

Intercultural Studies

INT-220Intercultural Relationships


Social Studies

HST-230Colonial Latin America


HST-231National Latin America


ECO, HST, INR, POL-Social Science Elective



SPA (except SPA-360)-Spanish courses to fulfill or add to intermediate-level fluency


International/Cross-cultural Experience

Prior approval of chair is required (see text above). If a course is taken and it qualifies, it may be included in the above 18 hours or the 6 elective hours.

Elective Courses (6 credits)

At least one elective must be 300 or above

ENG-170Introduction to Linguistics


ICD-210Introduction to Development


POL-232Comparative Politics


INT-315Cross-Cultural Communication of Faith


ECO-340Globalization and Economic Development


HST-355Modern Mexico


ICD-360Development Internship

3 to 9

ECO-454International Economics


SPA (except SPA-360)-Any Spanish course beyond those taken to meet the core requirement

-Transfer Credit for Study Abroad

Indiana Weselayan