2013-2014 Catalog


Leadership Studies Department

The Leadership Studies major and minor provide individuals with theoretical and experiential knowledge of what it takes to be an effective leader. Students not only learn best practices and major views of leadership and followership but also study in depth the powerful nature of servant leadership.

The three main components of Leadership Studies are:

  1. Leader / leading / leadership
  2. Follower / following / followership
  3. Context (organizational / community)

The role of the Department of Leadership Studies, with its Leadership Studies major and minor, is to provide content and expertise to other academic units in the above three areas, while recognizing that other majors and minors provide the very context for leadership/followership to occur.

This program is for you, if you are passionate about learning what it means to lead and follow like Christ through selfless love toward fellow human beings, moral authority, and courageous servanthood toward becoming a world changer. You will learn about how to become an effective leader and exemplary follower in organizational and community context to affect positive change in the world.

Students enter the Leadership Studies major as freshmen or sophomores and have the opportunity to integrate various core elements of the leadership curriculum into their general education requirements and other majors.

Students enter the Leadership Studies minor as sophomores or juniors and have the opportunity to strengthen their academic, ministry and professional pursuits by applying leadership into their chosen major.

Indiana Weselayan