2013-2014 Catalog


School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning

The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning provides undergraduates with learning experiences and services that foster faith, integrative learning, virtue, and the discernment of life calling.


The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning enables individuals to find a higher purpose in their life that draws and guides them in all aspects of their life, equips them to make life decisions based on this purpose, and empowers them to develop this purpose into world-changing leadership.

The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning is home to following departments and services: 

  • Life Coaching 
  • Pre-declared Student Advising
  • Transfer Advising 
  • Student Transitions 
  • New Student Experience Course 
  • Leadership Studies Department

Life Coaching

Through personalized dialogue and assessment tools, life coaches help students discover their unique God-given design, develop a sense of life calling, and become equipped with fundamental life skills for future personal and professional development.

Pre-declared Student Advising

The Pre-declared classification has been established by Indiana Wesleyan University for students who enter IWU with the desire to explore academic majors and related careers before committing to a major program of study. The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning provides academic advising to these students.

Through individual appointments, workshops, and the Life Calling course, the School assists Pre-declared students with the following:

  1. Developing a sense of purpose and calling as a basis for making life decisions. 

  2. Selecting and scheduling courses. 

  3. Establishing and evaluating academic goals. 

  4. Understanding and navigating university academic policies and procedures. 

  5. Exploring academic majors and related careers. 

  6. Declaring a major.

  7. Connecting with additional university programs and resources.

Transfer Advising

The transfer advisor will help new transfer students with transfer credits as well as negotiating their new experience at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Student Transitions

The director of student transitions helps new students to make their transition to collegiate life and Indiana Wesleyan University as smooth as possible. Using a transitions assessment tool, MAP-Works, Indiana Wesleyan University works to identify students that are struggling and arrange meetings and interventions that will assist students in having a successful academic experience.

New Student Experience Course

The School of Life Calling and Integrative Learning leads the New Student Experience Course, which for 2013-2014 is LDR-150. This course introduces new students to the concept of life calling and helps them to understand their God-given, unique design as a basis for their life calling. Through this course students will have conversations with their professors and peer coaches about life calling, vocation, and servant-leadership and how these relate to their majors. 

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