2013-2014 Catalog


Transfer of Credit Policy - CAPS

Credit is granted for work with a satisfactory grade ("C" or above) taken at an approved college or university accredited at the same level, provided the courses are applicable to the curriculum the student wishes to pursue at Indiana Wesleyan University. An "approved college or university" generally refers to those institutions that are accredited by a regional accrediting body or the Association for Biblical Higher Education. The following are exceptions to the transfer policy and credits earned are not counted toward the honors GPA:

  • Credits from International Business College and ITT Technical Institute are transferable into undergraduate programs only through evaluation of each individual course. Students are responsible to supply course syllabi for this evaluation. A maximum of 62 semester hours may be accepted through this process from these two institutions.
  • Indiana Wesleyan University accepts official transcripts from the American Council on Education (ACE) located in Washington, D.C. ACE evaluates and provides credit recommendations for educational offerings for a significant number of corporate universities and other extra-institutional learning providers.
  • Courses from nonaccredited colleges and universities and from schools/colleges/universities not accredited at the same level, such as proprietary business schools, vocational/technical schools, or other single purpose institutions may be presented through the evaluation of assessed learning process. A maximum of 40 hours may be accepted through assessed learning and/or ACE credit.

The University Registrar is responsible for approving the transferability of all credits. Credit hours accepted in transfer are recorded, but quality points and grades are omitted and used only for the determination of graduating with honors. All credits are accepted as semester credits. Quarter credits are converted to semester credits using the two-thirds conversion ratio.

Credit through examination (CLEP, DSST, AP, institutional examinations) or assessed learning is not accepted in transfer from another institution's transcript. Credit through examination is awarded through Indiana Wesleyan University with official test scores from an official testing center. Credit from nontraditional learning by life experience is awarded through the IWU's assessed learning process. The Associate Vice President of Student Services is responsible for the assessment of all nontraditional learning, and the University Registrar is responsible for approving the transcription of any credits that result.

Transcripts from foreign institutions - may need to be sent to an outside agency for evaluation and determination of transferable credits, degrees, and GPA. If this outside review is necessary, students are responsible for the initiation of this evaluation and for any fees incurred during the process. Applications for this service are available to the student through the university.

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