2020-2021 Catalog


Program Gateways Requirement

All certificate and degree programs in the School of Educational Leadership are part of a larger Educator Preparation Provider/Program within the University that is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and other Specialized Professional Associations. Subsequently, all programs must adhere to the requirements established by the University’s Educator Preparation Provider/Program.

The Educator Preparation Provider/Program requires that candidate data be collected, evaluated, and reported at three program gateways. These gateways are as follows:

  • Admission
  • Mid-Program Review
  • Program Completion

Candidates are required to satisfactorily pass the admission, mid-program review, and program completion gateways based upon established criteria set forth by each certificate and/or degree program. Program gateway requirements and decision rules determining successful program gateway completion are published as a part of the candidate’s program materials and are referenced throughout the program.

Candidates will be evaluated by admission requirements, mid-program review, and program completion gateways set forth by School faculty and staff. In the event a candidate fails mid-program review or program completion gateways, the appropriate program administrator will petition to have the candidate administratively withdrawn from all remaining course work. Candidates will not be able to reenroll in their program until such time as a formal remediation plan (CIP) is successfully completed and the appropriate program administrator issues a second petition to reinstate the candidate.

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